Art & Pancakes, October 28th, 2018

A small sampling of art news for your Sunday morning…boo!

The Artist as Lawyer: Art Law    Link

Pumpkin carving has taken on a new form—and it’s rooted in iconic art history.   Link

This North Carolina community hosts some 85 pottery studios in its 25-mile radius   Link

Artemisia Gentileschi’s market gains steam as collectors catch up with art historians   Link

Why are so many artist biopics…not great?   Link

If Van Gogh had been able to keep a steady job, he might not have become a great artist.   Link

Kendrick Lamar Could Be Forced to Share Profits From His Hit ‘Black Panther’ Single Because of an Artist’s Copyright Lawsuit   Link

Jeff Koons Will Get a Mini-Retrospective at Oxford University in 2019, Thanks to Art History Students   Link

Hokusai: Examining the enduring allure of a Japanese icon   Link


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