Art & Pancakes, October 2nd, 2016

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Pancakes for breakfast and Art news on the side….Enjoy!

The Artist Must Pay Up: Ulay Wins Case on Joint Works Against Marina Abramović   Link

The Bird-Based Color System that Eventually Became Pantone   Link

Artists and ACLU Fight Arizona’s “Revenge Porn” Law  Link

Marooned Shipping Container Artist Resident, Rebecca Moss, Back in Tokyo   Link 

A Lesbian Artist Who Painted Her Circle of Women at the Turn of the 20th Century   Link

The Met Museum has laid off 34 employees in an effort to cut its deficit   Link

After power struggle, Dede Wilsey prevails at SF Fine Arts Museums   Link 

Mark Rothko on the transcendent power of art and how (not) to experience his paintings   Link

SF Muni Art Contest Winners Announced, Art to be Displayed on More Buses   Link

5 SF-to-LA Transplants Reveal What They Miss Most About the SF Bay Area    Link

Duchamp’s Spinning Optical Experiments   Link

To paint is human: why painting will never die   Link

SF’s Mexican Museum still figuring out who will curate it   Link

New York City Starts $5 Million Fund for Women in Film and Theater   Link

Portland glass maker Uroboros to close after air quality concerns   Link

Oakland City Council Moves Forward With Uptown Arts District Resolution   Link

Local Arts Organization To Add Nine New Murals To Bayview This Month   Link

Pioneering Psychologist Jerome Bruner on the 6 Pillars of Creativity and How to Master the Art of “Effective Surprise”   Link

A Pair of Performances Exposes the Politics of How Museums Operate   Link


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