Art & Pancakes, October 8th, 2017

A small dose of art news to ponder for your Sunday morning.

What’s the biggest question facing artists today?   Link

Marina Abramović Abandons $31 Million Performance Art Facility   Link

‘Radical Women’ at the Hammer Museum Is the Kind of Show That Art Critics Live For   Link

After 27 years in a warehouse, a once-censored mural by Artist Barbara Carrasco rises in L.A.’s Union Station   Link

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz Vandalizes Virtual Koons Sculpture, Questioning Silicon Valley’s Fake Public Space   Link

Artist-Built Environments to Rescue and Preserve:  How much does the long-term care of such projects cost, and who should pay for it?   Link

91 y.o. Woman Fills in Crossword Puzzle Artwork (1965 work by avant-garde artist Arthur Koepcke) and Then Claims Copyright   Link

Firm Behind “Fearless Girl” Statue Reaches $5M Settlement for Allegedly Underpaying Women and Minorities  Link

Guerrilla Flower Installations That Don’t Last Long at All   Link

Southeast Asia’s Activist Art Revolution “By challenging what they felt to be an outmoded, Western definition of fine art, these artists strove to create an interdisciplinary, non-elitist art system that designated contemporary art as a form of activism.”  Link


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