Art & Pancakes, September 11th, 2016

Two candles in sand


In Miami’s Little Haiti, Muralist Serge Toussaint Fights Gentrification One Wall at a Time   Link

Priced Out of the SF BayArea, Moves to Central Valley: One artist shares her story   Link 

The Art of Making a Living in the Arts   Link

How Ancient Greek and Roman Art Can Speak to a Digital Age   Link

Artist-in-Residence, Rebecca Moss, Stranded at Sea on Bankrupt Container Ship   Link

Motherhood, Children, and Art   Link

11 Female Artists Who Were Pioneering Minimalists   Link

What Was Post-Minimalism? How a Group of Aesthetic Malcontents Made Simplicity Radical   Link

What Is Relational Aesthetics?How Hanging Out, Eating Dinner, and Feeling Awkward Became Art   Link

How Art Criticism Emerged from the Catalogues of the Paris Salons  Link

Making Sense of Cultural Equity   Link

Wells Fargo apologizes for suggesting that scientists are better than Artists   Link

The National Gallery is being sued for $30 million over an allegedly stolen Matisse   Link

18 Artists examine fear & homeland security   Link

To See–Minted: San Jose State University’s (SJSU) Master of Fine Arts Graduates Exhibition   Link

Passings: Ruth Braunstein, prominent San Francisco gallerist, passes away at 93   Link


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