Art & Pancakes, September 15th, 2019

A small stack of art news for your Sunday morning.

The Met Is Expanding Its Definition of American Culture by Hiring a Curator of Indigenous Art for Its Famed American Wing Link

Director Ari Aster packed his new horror film ‘Midsommar’ with references from art history. Link

Re: 5Pointz Appeal A property developer is making the case that graffiti art is not protected under the 1990 Visual Artists’ Rights Act as he tries to appeal an earlier court decision from the Second Circuit. Link

Maurizio Cattelan’s gold toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace, UK. Link

Hillary Clinton reads 62,000 pages of her infamous emails at the Venice Biennale. Link

How Chagall’s daughter smuggled his work out of nazi-occupied Europe. Link

Burglars in search of scrap metal damaged a massive Anselm Kiefer sculpture. Link

Sad news: Robert Frank, the godfather of snapshot photography and a pioneer of everyday realism, has died at age 94. Link

Robert Frank’s Legacy: Nine Photographers Reflect Link

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