Art & Pancakes, September 22nd, 2019

A bit o art news.

Most of Grenfell victim Khadija Saye’s work was lost in the tower block fire in 2017, but nine surviving prints will be sold in aid of education program in her honor. Link

A new study finds only 11% of all museum acquisitions over the past decade have been of work by women. Link

Case Studies: How Four Museums Are Taking Dramatic Measures to Admit More Women Artists Into the Art Historical Canon. Link

Visualizing the Numbers: See Infographics Tracing the Representation of Women Artists in Museums and the Market Link

‘It’s Not the Quality of the Art That Matters, It’s Discrimination’ Link

Female Artists Represent Just 2 Percent of the Market. Here’s Why—and How That Can Change. Link

A 17-year manhunt for a $50m art criminal. Link

Grayson Perry: ‘I wonder if the whole art market isn’t a money-laundering scheme’ Link

How Does an Art Fair Succeed? Link

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