Art & Pancakes, September 25th, 2016


A small stack of art news for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

Here’s how Eyebeam is fighting sexism in the arts tech world   Link

Jarvis Cocker helps launch first commercial gallery in the UK for self-taught artists   Link

State of the Arts: NEA Report Calls for Diversifying the Art World, Curbing Art Student Debt   Link

The Vanishing Underground: Oakland’s Housing Crisis Displacing its Arts and Music Counterculture   Link

Research finds people react more calmly to art images than real-life ones. But art isn’t about cool contemplation – it’s a red-blooded reframing of emotion   Link

Eudora Welty on the difficult art of seeing each other and photography as a dignifying force   Link

Images of the Feminist avant-garde in the 1970s shine a light on an artistic movement too long overlooked   Link

6,000-year-old fabric reveals Peruvians were dyeing textiles with indigo long before Egyptians   Link

Winners of 2016 Emerging Asian Artist Awards, Prudential Eye Awards, Allege Mistreatment by Award Representatives   Link

Activists Boycott St. Louis Museum for Exhibiting Racially Insensitive Works   Link

This artistic teacher captivates students with his sprawling chalkboard masterpieces   Link


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