Art & Pancakes, September 2nd, 2018

Relax with a small stack of art news on your Sunday morning.

Conceptual Art “Playground” Irreparably Damaged 10 Minutes into Exhibition Opening    Link

If It Wasn’t Made as Art, Can a Curator Make It Art?   Link

There’s a Scientific Reason That ‘California Light’ Attracts Artists    Link

“I observe very well how I am devalued culturally. ” Okwui Enwezor on his Ignominious Farewell from Munich   Link

How Susan Hiller Has Foregrounded Empathy in Her Art   Link

Conceptual Art Wasn’t Meant to Be Collected. Now It Sells for Six Figures   Link

‘We Can Move Mountains With Very Few Resources’: The Drawing Center’s New Director Laura Hoptman on the Big Potential of a Small Museum   Link

How Forgers and Grifters Have Conned the Art World for Generations   Link

Street artist Escif is using augmented reality to challenge the boundaries of graffiti    Link

The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Starting an Artist-Run Gallery   Link

Killer Mike, the High Museum’s Newest Board Member, on How He Wants to Make Art More Accessible to the Working Class:  The rapper and activist is the latest hip-hop artist to cross over into the art world.   Link

Judge Rules Fraud Case Against the Academy of Art University in San Francisco Can Go to Trial    Link



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