Art & Pancakes, September 4th, 2016


A happy stack of art news to celebrate your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

A Portrait Project Draws LA Female Artists for a Joyous Flash Mob   Link

Sol LeWitt’s Advice to Eva Hesse: Don’t Worry About Cool, Make Your Own Uncool   Link

Protected Banksy Mural Poking Fun at Government Surveillance Has Been Heavily Damaged by a Construction Project   Link

Hal Foster & Ben Lerner Discuss Poetry, Painting & Hating.  Link

Manifesta 11 Comes Under Fire for Alleged Unpaid Labor: Employees at Zurich Institutions Were Replaced by Volunteers   Link

Experts Fear Cultural Heritage Damaged in Italy’s Earthquake Area   Link

Facebook Banned Holbein’s Hand – But It Isn’t Even Art’s Sauciest    Link

Louise Bourgeois on Art, Integrity, and the Key to Confidence in Creative Work   Link

Grace Jones’s Indelible Influence on Contemporary Art   Link

“How Will Art Solve Problems?” Great resources from artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed   Link

NYC Hires Street Artists for Mental Health Awareness Murals   Link

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones on 400+ yo Art: The very term ‘old master’ is a horrible, destructive piece of pretension   Link

Wells Fargo Put Out a Brochure That Seems to Discourage Teens From Pursuing the Arts   Link

When the Performance Artist Mr. Peanut Ran for Mayor in 1974   Link

An Art Center Rises Out of 11,500 Acres of Montana Ranching Land   Link

Looking Back at the Impact of Black Mountain College and How It Changed the Course of Art History   Link

Why an Art Degree Might Still Help You Succeed in Business   Link

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