Art & Pancakes, September 9th, 2018

A small stack of art news served up on your Sunday morning….enjoy!

How to Succeed as an Artist While Living outside of Art-World Capitals   Link

Former National Gallery Workers Are Selling Their Art to Fund an Employment Lawsuit Against the London Museum   Link

25 Million Images From 14 Art Institutions to Be Digitized & Put Online In One Huge Scholarly Archive   Link

The Guggenheim Gets $750,000 to Help Answer Knotty, Existential Questions About the Nature of Conceptual Art   Link

The National Museum officials in Rio de Janeiro say almost 90% of their collection was destroyed in a devastating fire.   Link

Brazil’s Largest Queer Art Exhibition Reopens After Being Censored Last Year   Link

Fusing Creativity of All Mediums, Helsinki Opens a Futuristic Art Bunker on the Site of the 1940 Olympics   Link

How to be an artist, according to Georgia O’Keeffe   Link

Elizabeth Murray on being an Artist and Mother   Link 

Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series Is Swiped by Luxury Fashion Brand with $740 shirts   Link

How to Teach Ancient Art in the Age of #MeToo: Contending with misogynist imagery in ancient art raises a multitude of questions that demand addressing today.   Link

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