Bay Area Art Grind: 10 Years After

Ten years ago today, a blog was born.

September 2008: A group of graduate students at San Jose State University bandied about a big idea of a website for artists, by artists, around for several weeks. This big idea, as we called it in the beginning, was for a website of curated calls and opportunities for artists. Initially, we wanted to post information pertinent for the SJSU MFA grad students at the time, but also let them know of exhibition opportunities and current job postings. We called the site the SJSU Art Blog and the first post was ten years ago today, October 15th, 2008. Over time, we found our audience grew beyond SJSU and in 2011, we changed the name to the Bay Area Art Grind.

Calls and opportunities are screened weekly. Sometimes, organizations email us with opportunities. In most cases, we search daily for calls and opportunities to post. When a promising opportunity is found, the editor(s) check out the links to the site to see if all the information is still current and legitimate, look at past exhibitions at the venue, check the fees (ridiculous or somewhat reasonable or the always wonderful –no fee), and post the opportunity. Our goal at Bay Area Art Grind has been, and will always be, to try to help other artists find opportunities we wouldn’t mind having on our own artist resume, or that elusive job in the arts, or information to help other artists. It is a time consuming, process—but, as editor, it has become my own personal mission to help other artists 10 years on…and it will always be a free service for our audience. Navigating the roads of an art career, possibly balanced with another job(s) to support art making, taking care of family or just oneself, and trying to find time to make art as well as finding opportunities makes for a full plate…. and we just want to help.

I hope you continue to find Bay Area Art Grind useful for your art endeavors. And we always enjoy hearing how an opportunity found on our site has helped your art career–share your stories with us!

Happy Birthday to us at Bay Area Art Grind…and keep making art!

Barb Horiuchi
Editor, Bay Area Art Grind

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4 Responses to Bay Area Art Grind: 10 Years After

  1. Thank you! Great information!

  2. amberimage says:

    Happy 10-year anniversary and thank you for all you do! Your work provides a fantastic resource for artists and opportunities, and I really appreciate it.

  3. Liza Tiddle says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Barb, and all the great volunteers who create Bay Area Art Grind!

  4. Thank you so much Barb and all that you do to support artists in the Bay Area. I know this project is a labor of love for you and it shows.

    With tremendous gratitude,