Bay Area Art Grind 2.0


Dear Bay Area Art Grind Readers, Subscribers and Friends,

It has been an adjustment the last few months not filtering calls nightly to post daily. At one point I imagined it was like quitting smoking or, as I know well, sticking to a diet. I appreciate all the messages and complements sent to us about the Bay Area Art Grind. It was wonderful to hear how many Grind followers and artists found opportunities through our site. And the pleads to continue this site were heard and felt deeply.

Thus, I am going to lift some lines from Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy and say “In vain I have struggled. It will not do…”  So…because I really, truly like sharing good artist opportunities with other artists, my overwhelming guilt, and a New Year’s resolution to become more organized with my time in 2015 (see photo above), I am abandoning my October 2014 proclamation of ceasing this site and will start posting calls again. I apologize for the lapse, although I have been posting calls, sometimes like a maniac, on the Bay Area Art Grind’s Twitter feed.

Some changes in the resurrected Bay Area Art Grind: I will be posting 4 days a week on this website instead of how it was in the past: 7 days a week/365 days out of the year. Also, I will soon be adding posts such as “Artist of the Week” highlighting an artist every Monday, and in the coming weeks “It’s All About Me” welcoming Grind artist followers to submit a post about their art and influences (parameters to be posted soon), and a blog aspect written by Bay Area Art Grind staff on art issues, exhibitions, art trends, and so forth.

Thank you for following the Bay Area Art Grind and keep making art!

~Barbara Horiuchi, Bay Area Art Grind Editor & Founder

PS: Happy New Year!

Above image of San Francisco Street performer Donnia Ray Smith juggling five bowling balls, from Link, photo by Orrel Lanter


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