Chinese Culture Center (CA), International Call for Submissions: Living Bridge Project

Chinese Culture Center (CA), International Call for Submissions: Living Bridge Project

Deadline: July 23rd, 2017, 8:00pm PST

From their call: RAISE THE FLAGS FOR THE COMMUNITY! Built in 1970s, the Lowe Community Bridge connecting Portsmouth Square and the Chinese Culture Center is a critical space for the community. It provides open space for people to share in the community and a walkway to guide visitors and residents to CCC. To beautify the bridge for the community, a mosaic artwork, “Sunrise” debuted in 2016. “Living Bridge” Project furthers the creative placemaking efforts facilitated by CCC in Chinatown alleyways and other locations. We are calling for art for new bridge artwork along the bridge to further beautify and provide a welcoming space for the community. We hope to create bright scenery in the heart of Chinatown, attracting more visits as well as engaging the local community. The Call for Art is open to artists practicing in the visual arts, new artists, as well as those with more comprehensive public art experience. A budget of $10,000 will be used for the design, materials, production, installation of the public art, archive, as well as the artist’s compensation. The artist has the freedom to allocate the budget. The budget allocation and the timeline are required to be included in the proposal.

Submit your ideas for Chinese Culture Center’s banners on Lowe Community Bridge in the heart of San Francisco Chinatown, to inspire, activate, and elevate this vital community public space.

For more detailed information and application instructions:



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