CounterPulse (CA), Call for Creatives: House Artists Program

CounterPulse (CA), Call for Creatives: House Artists Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Mission Statement: CounterPulse is building a movement of risk-taking art that shatters assumptions and builds community. We provide space and resources for emerging artists and cultural innovators, serving as an incubator for the creation of socially relevant, community-based art and culture. CounterPulse acts as a catalyst for art and action; creating a forum for the open exchange of art and ideas, sparking transformation in our communities and our society. We work towards a world that celebrates diversity of race, class, cultural heritage, artistic expression, ability, gender identity & sexual orientation. We strive to create an environment that is physically and economically accessible to everyone.

The House Artists Program supports artists and companies by offering a suite of financial, outreach, and facilities services. The curated artist roster that is looking to expand includes these set of creators, performance companies, and organizations, whose creative vision aligns with that of CounterPulse. Together we work to nurture risk-taking, assumption-shattering art of, by, and for diverse communities.

This comprehensive program serves as a nesting place and launching pad for artists. We provide the home base for these artists and advocate for their work to increase the range of their reach. Robust fiscal oversight is at the core of the program to provide the solid foundation on which to build creative work. CounterPulse is committed to supporting the development of our House artists by connecting them with our community and expanding the reach of their work to new audiences, presenters, and arts professionals.

If interested in becoming apart of our growing program please read through our House Artist Manual to learn more information about the perks of our fiscal sponsorship program.

Website link for more detailed information:

CounterPulse, 80 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA  94102


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