Culture Push (NY), Call for Applicants: Fellowship for Utopian Practice, with honoraria

Culture Push (NY), Call for Applicants: Fellowship for Utopian Practice, with honoraria

Deadline: September 22nd, 2017, 11:59pm EST

The current focus of Culture Push is the Fellowship for Utopian Practice. The Fellowship is a process-based program aimed at artists and other creative people who are seeking to test new ideas through civic engagement. Culture Push offers the Fellows concrete financial and institutional support, including feedback and mentoring, a stipend, and fiscal sponsorship for fundraising efforts. During the Fellowship year, Fellows collaborate with different communities and the Culture Push staff to find viable working methods for realizing ambitious hybrid projects. While Culture Push emphasizes the visual and performing arts, the Fellowship program is open to people working in any discipline aiming to expand their practice beyond its traditional borders. They provide: $1000. honoraria for the project and fiscal sponsorship for additional grant-based fundraising and individual contributions.

To be considered for the Fellowship, projects must:
• Be interactive and engage the public (entirely or in part), in accordance with our mission.
• Note: Our definition of “civic engagement” includes public talks, live interactive components, skill-shares,   participatory performances and similar activities that in some way address the public good and have clearly defined goals for serving as a means of generating social change.
• Test a new and previously unrealized idea that expands the scope of the applicant’s current practice.
• Not be considered as an exhibition or the production of a ‘show,’ but rather a series of events and/or actions aimed at engaging the public.
• Occur during the Fellowship year.
• Take place within the 5 boroughs of NYC (projects may have components outside of this geographic region, but they will not be supported by Culture Push).
• If your proposed project is part of a larger piece or series, Culture Push funding may only be applied toward the public engagement component of the project.

For more detailed information and guidelines PDF: Link


About: Culture Push is an arts organization that works with hands-on learning, group problem solving, serious play, and creating connections.The mission of Culture Push is to create a lively exchange of ideas between many different communities; artists and non-artists, professional practitioners and laypeople, across generations, neighborhoods, and cultures. Culture Push supports the process of creating new modes of thinking and doing and serves a diverse community of creative people. The programs of Culture Push focus on collaboration and group learning through active, participatory experiences. Culture Push programs appear in many different locations, taking many different forms, and public presentations are low-cost or free, to give access to the widest audience.


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