International Call for Entries (TN), Socially and Politically Engaged Art: 7th Annual International Juried 2019 FL3TCH3R Exhibit


International Call for Entries (TN), Socially and Politically Engaged Art: 7th Annual International Juried 2019 FL3TCH3R Exhibit

Deadline: August 23rd, 2019

Extended Submission Deadline Dates (with increased entry fee): August 24th – 31st, 2019

The 2019 7th Annual FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT is an international juried exhibit focused on socially and politically engaged art. Socially and politically engaged art has been integral in creative expression since the beginning of visual arts. This exhibition explores the current trends and trajectory in this field and these collective creative works hopefully serve as an avenue or agent for societal transformation and exposure of social and political points of view. The goal is to recognize and advance this endeavor by providing venue for the exhibition of socially and politically engaged art Furthermore, the exhibit’s proceeds after expenses will fund the Fletcher H. Dyer Memorial Scholarship for an art and design student.

Theme: The theme of THE FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT is focused on work with strong social and political content. Work entered in the exhibit should reflect current issues that affect contemporary culture and investigate societal and political concerns. Diverse media and approach to the theme are encouraged.

2019 Juror: Sue Coe is a contemporary English artist, noted for her intensely political graphic illustrations and activism. Born in Staffordshire, England, she grew up near a slaughterhouse, which helped instill a lifelong passion for animal rights activism. This political sensibility characterizes Coe’s work, which often explicitly makes animal rights and other social issues its central subject. The artist uses painting, printmaking, and a realistic drawing style to depict scenes of animal suffering, as seen in BP Burns Turtles (2010). Along with her investigation of cruelty against animals, Coe has also explored topics such as sweatshops, prisons, AIDS, war, and anticapitalism throughout her work.


  • Best of Show $300.00
  • Two (2) Awards of Excellence $100.00 each
  • Sammie L. Nicely Appalachian Artist Award $100
  • Reece Museum Award $ 100
  • Avery Healthcare & the Arts Award $100
  • Jack Schrader Award $100
  • Dorothy Carson Award $100
  • Other awards (TBA)

Media, dimensions, and presentation requirements: All 2D, 3D, performance/installation (via video), sound/audio, and film/video art are eligible. Specific categories include: Ceramics, Digital, Fiber, Glass, Graphic Design, Jewelry/Metals, Mixed Media (2D), Mixed Media (3D), Painting (All) Performance/Installation (via video), Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Sound/Audio, Video/Film, Medical/Healthcare Professionals’ submissions in any category, & other. Due to space and logistical considerations, large-scale and complicated installation is not encouraged. Work using materials that are hazardous to the health and safety of the public will be disqualified. Work must not exceed 6 ft. in any direction and must preferably weight under 30 lbs. Please state dimensions in Height (inches) x Width (inches) x Depth (inches) OR H” x W” x D”. Accepted Entrants must include detailed installation instructions as well as detailed return packing/shipping instructions (otherwise artist is responsible for any damage during packing and shipment). All 2D work must be ready for hanging. Acrylic glaze is required for framed work, please do not submit work framed with glass nor packed with ‘packing peanuts’. All 3D work must have stable base and installation instructions. Digital images must not exceed 300MB, video should not exceed 1000MB (ONLINE, EMAIL, or USPS). Video art should not exceed 15 minutes running time. NOTE: If an interactive device is incorporated into an artwork and it malfunctions after receipt of work and/or during the exhibit, the FL3TCH3R Exhibit nor the Reece Museum will be responsible for malfunction or damage.

Location for the 2019 Exhibition: The Reece Museum, accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), on the campus of East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN.

Website link for prospectus and to apply:

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