Lucid Art Foundation (CA), Call for Applicants: Artist-in-Residence 2019

Lucid Art Foundation (CA), Call for Applicants: Artist-in-Residence 2019

Deadline: November 19th, 2018

The Lucid Art Foundation encourages exploration of nonrepresentational art through multimedia, conceptual, ecological, and interdisciplinary approaches. During the three-week residency, artists will have the opportunity to explore the practice of lucid art, with special emphasis on the integration of art, process, and inner awareness. Through this practice, a deeper foundation is created that fosters individual artistic growth and development, as well as the understanding of the artist’s role in society.

The goal of the Lucid Art Residency Program is to provide artists from Canada and the United States with a serene, retreat-like natural environment for creative exploration and inquiry into arts and consciousness. Eligible artists must have an MFA or equivalent in independent studio work. Artists working in the visual arts, video/new media, music composition, and choreography will be considered.

The residency provides a space to live in (the former studio of the late writer Jacqueline Johnson) and a 650-square-foot art studio called “the Ark.” The Ark was built in 1960 and was a former studio of painter Gordon Onslow Ford and mixed media artist Fariba Bogzaran. The large studio pictured above has a wood burning fireplace, restroom, sink, high ceilings with upper loft, wood walls, skylights, and a private deck off the sliding glass patio doors. The cottage has WiFi, a bedroom, a living room, 2 bathrooms, wood burning stove, continuous wooden deck, and a full kitchen stocked with necessary cooking utensils. Parking and laundry facilities are on-site. There is also a print shop with a Sturges press available for use by artists who are experienced printmakers. Only water based mediums may be used on the press.

During the residency, artists have the opportunity to meet and dialogue with a Lucid Art professional artist associate who will give feedback on the work created during the residency. Artists will have access to the Foundation’s extensive Library Resource Center. The Library contains books by many modern, surrealist, and contemporary artists, such as Roberto Matta, Gordon Onslow Ford, Wolfgang Paalen, Remedios Varo, John Anderson, Lee Mullican, and Morris Graves, among others.

Eligible artists must have an MFA or equivalent in independent studio work. Artists working in the visual arts, video/new media, music composition, and choreography will be considered. A short biography and recent résumé of artistic activities (exhibitions, performances, publications, etc.) from the last five years is required with the application, as well as an artist’s statement providing information about the work in relation to the mission of the Lucid Art Foundation (max. 1,000 characters). Submission of ten images of work created within the last two years for visual arts or one video (max 60MB) or one audio file (max 30MB) from the last two years for new media/video, music composition, and choreography is also required.

Artists arrange for their own transportation to and from the Lucid Art Foundation. There is no stipend and meals are not provided during the residency, but artists are welcome to harvest from the Foundation’s organic garden. A weekly lunch will be scheduled with staff, artist associates, or scholars.

Once a year, the Lucid Art Foundation will curate a show of the residency artists’ work at a local community art gallery. The artists will be asked to submit one or two works from the residency period or after. The artists are responsible for delivering the works to the gallery, and when the show ends, the artists are responsible for picking up their artwork or paying the shipping costs for them to be returned. Each artist will receive 50% of the proceeds of any sales. The remaining 50% of the proceeds will be split between the Foundation and the gallery.

To apply via CaFE:

Website link for more detailed information:

About: The mission of the Lucid Art Foundation is to explore the phenomena of the inner worlds and deep levels of consciousness through visual arts, spontaneous painting, and writings, and by other means, and in this way to make visible the otherwise invisible and find a more inclusive way of seeing that is in deeper harmony with natural world of which we are a part.

Lucid Art Foundation, Inverness, California

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