Marin Society of Artists (CA), National Call for Artists: Elements

Marin Society of Artists (CA), National Call for Artists: Elements

Deadline: December 1st, 2018, 11:59pm MST

From their call: Everything we experience as matter is made up of Elements, substances consisting of a single type of atom. We invite artists to submit work based on one, some, or all of the 118 Elements of the Periodic Table.

From alchemy to particle physics to wacky whimsy, interpretation of the theme is wide open – an Element’s mystique, mythology, discovery, uses throughout history, use in art, the magical areas between the particles of the atoms, philosophical or mystical flights of fancy – whatever brings it to life for you.

Many Elements are well known old friends – gold, iron, oxygen, and sodium to name a few. Some are less familiar, such as krypton, promethium, technetium, californium, and neptunium. The United Nations has proclaimed 2019 to be the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements.

Each entry must be accompanied by a Theme Statement – a brief explanation of how the artwork relates to the theme of the show. Theme Statements will be displayed on the wall next to the invited artwork. You will see boxes to enter your Theme Statements just above your portfolio as you choose which images you will enter. Please be sure to include the title of your image, so we know which statement goes with which image. (The ELEMENTS curators may reformat or shorten Theme Statements in order to create consistency throughout the exhibition.)

Selection Jurors: Gail Morrison; Betsy Kellas.

Prize Jurors: William Torphy, William Torphy Fine Arts; Christiane Stachl, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley. Each prize juror will award one $500 prize and three non-monetary Honorable Mentions.

Media: Two-dimensional (2D) submissions include: drawings, paintings, prints, photography, and mixed media artwork. Three-dimensional (3D) submissions include sculpture. Only original artwork will be accepted for exhibition. Reproductions, including giclee prints, will not be accepted. (This does not apply to photographic or digital artwork.) 2D artwork may not exceed 60” in height or width, including frame. The total weight, including frame, may not exceed 25 pounds.

Link to apply via CaFE and for more information:

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