Parallel Studios (NM), International Call for Entries: CURRENTS 2018, New Media Festival

CurrentsNMParallel Studios (NM), International Call for Entries: CURRENTS 2018, New Media Festival 

Deadline: November 5th, 2017

CURRENTS’ curators look for the unique ways artists use technology as a tool for expression and communication, and ways that scientists, programmers and developers are integrating the arts and aesthetics into their explorations and projects.

CURRENTS is an annual New Media Art festival in Santa Fe New Mexico. This is a call for the 2018 show, which will run from June 8th – 24th, 2018. CURRENTS is a non-profit organization, and does not charge admission to the festival. Some accepted artists are eligible for CURRENTS to cover the costs of shipping, travel, and lodging during the festival.

This Year’s Categories include: 

  • New Media Installations
  • Outdoor New Media Installations and Projections
  • Single Channel Video and Animation
  • Multimedia Performance
  • Experimental Documentary
  • Web-Art / Art-Gaming / Mobile Device Apps
  • Virtual Reality Environments
  • Robotics
  • Digitally Generated Objects (ie. 3D Printing)
  • Interactive Installations for Children

Selected artists in the New Media Installation, Outdoor, Multimedia Performance, Virtual Reality, Robotics, and Installations for Children Categories will be considered for full lodging, travel, and shipping support.

Link to guidelines, more detailed information, and entry link to specific categories:

About: Parallel Studios ( a 501(c)(3) non-profit ) has been producing, curating and designing small and large scale currents video exhibitions in Santa Fe since 2002. In 2010 we launched CURRENTS NEW MEDIA as an annual, citywide event. The Festival brings together the work of established and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the World, for events showcasing interactive and fine art video installations, multimedia performances, single channel video, animation, digital dome programs, experimental documentary, web based/app art forms, architectural mapping, the oculus rift, robotics and 3D printing. Parallel Studios reaches out to local high and middle school students through its Youth Media Makers Program. All exhibitions and most events are free

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