Pilchuck Glass School (WA), Call for Applicants: 2018 John H. Hauberg Fellowship

Pilchuck Glass School

Pilchuck Glass School (WA), Call for Applicants: 2018 John H. Hauberg Fellowship

Deadline: October 26th, 2017

Residency Dates: April 25th to May 11th, 2018

Named for Pilchuck co-founder John H. Hauberg (1916–2002)—philanthropist, art collector, and important patron of artists—the fellowship was established to encourage collaboration among a group of outstanding artists.

Groups of up to six members are invited to submit an application to utilize the Pilchuck studios and campus environment for research and development of artwork based on a common theme or a collaborative project.

Group members provide technical support for each other in the exploration of new working methods and engage in critical dialogue. Visual artists in all media as well as writers, poets, art critics, and curators are encouraged to apply; however, if proposing to use glassmaking equipment, some members of the group must have previous experience with Pilchuck’s facilities, as limited technical assistance is available.

Open studio space and access to Pilchuck’s Mold & Kiln Shop, Cold Shop, Print Shop, and Wood & Metals Shop is provided. During this time, Pilchuck’s hot glass facilities are being used for production, and therefore no hot glassworking is available. Hauberg Fellows are provided living accommodations, meals, and limited supplies. Reimbursement for travel costs and honorarium are not provided.

Website link: http://www.pilchuck.com/residencies/hauberg

Application Instructions for the 2018 Fellowship (PDF): http://www.pilchuck.com/clientuploads/documents/2018_John_H_Hauberg_Application_Instructions.pdf

About: Pilchuck Glass School is an international center for glass art education. Our serene campus in Stanwood, Washington, is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade mountains on a former tree farm. Pilchuck is one of the most comprehensive educational center in the world for glass artists.

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