Santa Fe Art Institute (NM), International Open Call for Applicants, 2020 Thematic and Family Residencies: Labor

Santa Fe Art Institute (NM), International Open Call for Applicants, 2020 Thematic and Family Residencies: Labor

Deadline: April 1st, 2019, 11:59pm MDT

From their call: Through our open call for applications, the Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) seeks artworks, creative research, and innovative actions that consider what vitality, prosperity, and sustainability might look like beyond profit to envision new systems for “making a living” that elevate all of humanity and infuse our world with freedom, compassion, and harmony; and that reflect the profoundly generative acts of labor.

Guiding Questions

  1. How can art and creative action conscientiously expand public discourse around the intersections of gender, race, and class with the economic and political dynamics of labor?
  2. How might artists’ enduring relationship to emotional, intellectual, and immaterial labor improve the recognition and valuation of invisible or marginalized forms of social and cultural production?
  3. How can we creatively envision and enact bold new models of labor, distinct from dominant global reliance on wages, commodities, and privatized production, and which instead embrace radically humane, inclusive, and collaborative efforts.


  • SFAI welcomes Local, National, and International applicants of all backgrounds.
  • Applicants must be 25 years and older.
  • SFAI accepts applications from Individuals, Collaborations, and Families.
  • SFAI’s International Thematic Residency Program is open to all artistic disciplines (e.g., visual arts, writing, performance, new media, etc.) and other creative practices including, but not limited to, curation, design, architecture, and education. SFAI strongly encourages applicants with interdisciplinary and non-traditional creative practices
  • The Family Residency is for just one month each year, in July only. Applicants who are not parents / guardians of a child are not eligible for this program.  

For full details and link to application:


Residency Eligibility & How to Apply:

About: Santa Fe Art Institue (SFAI) implements yearlong thematic programing that addresses pertinent questions facing diverse regional and global communities. By hosting residencies for creative practitioners, fostering partnerships with regional cultural and educational organizations, and integrating social entrepreneurial and education initiatives, SFAI aspires to transform Santa Fe into a hub for positive social change that reflects the greatest needs of our times. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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