Screengrab (AU), International Call for Submissions, 7th Annual Screengrab Media Arts Award: RESISTANCE

Screengrab7---Call-for-Entries-WEB---CopyScreengrab (AU), International Call for Submissions, 7th Annual Screengrab Media Arts Award: RESISTANCE

Deadline: November 1st, 2015

From their call:  Screengrab International Media Arts Award is now entering its seventh year with an international call out for the AU$10,000 cash prize, and seeks media art works that address the 2015 theme, RESISTANCE.

Shortlisted works for the award will be exhibited at Pinnacles Gallery in December 2015 and in a companion exhibition at the eMerge Gallery in April 2016 in Townsville, Australia.

Screengrab is looking for challenging and provocative works by media arts practitioners and theorists working in screen based media on the theme of RESISTANCE.  All interpretations of resistance will be considered: the politics of resistance, the physics of resistance, the messiness of resistance, the urgency of resistance – and all its private, political and social connotations.

All forms of screen based media are encouraged, including video art/essay/documentary, media assemblage, media installation, digital animation, interactive and generative media.

We are particularly interested in existing works completed post-December 2010 and those specifically designed for the award that address the theme of RESISTANCE. Only works that address the theme will be eligible for the AU$10,000 Media Arts award.

Website link for theme and more detailed information:

Application / Submission guidelines

About: The Screengrab International Media Arts Award and associated exhibition is a competition for creative works by contemporary artists and theorists working with screen-based media. Entrants in past years have employed a wide spectrum of technologies and authoring techniques including multi-channel video, interactive media, digital illustration, game design, generative media, stop motion, 2D and 3D animation. The award was established in 2009 by James Cook University Media Design Lecturer Mitch Goodwin for Arts & Creative Media to provide North Queensland with a provocative and unique exhibition of New Media Art with an eclectic international perspective.



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