Check out this great new site: San Jose Fashion, Art, and Music (SJ•FAM)
from their website:
Our Mission:  SJ•FAM is an organization that aims to promote, foster, and celebrate the growth and diversity of fashion, art, and music, created and inspired within the community of San Jose, California.

Why we do it:  We believe that in sponsoring and producing events centered around fashion, art, music, and charities in and around San Jose, CA, we are able to spread a cultural awareness of creativity and inspiration for artists and fans alike. San Jose is a growing haven for art and culture. Many undiscovered and emerging artists have been waiting for an organization such as SJ•FAM to introduce their work to a larger audience. SJ•FAM will be the first cultural portal that will connect and bridge the many talents of San Jose with the rest of the world.

They also have a call to artists/designers/musicians/bands to be part of the SJ•FAM community:  From their “Community” pageInterested in being featured on our site? Please email your bio and samples of your work.

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