SJSU Artist Focus: Jim Edgeworth

Image from Jim Edgeworth’s MFA Thesis Exhibition:
Welcome to Jim’s Place: An Earnest Attempt at Homefullness, and Master’s Thesis Exhibition (2010)

MFA Graduate Candidate Jim Edgeworth is an intensely creative artist in search of wonder, imagination and hope within the sometimes harsh world he inhabits. Whether donning his hand-sewn Bunnyman suit as a means of protection from this world or baring his soul and artistic process from his many journals, Jim always imbues his work with a sense of faith in humanity. In his MFA Thesis exhibition, “Welcome to Jim’s Place: An Earnest Attempt at Homefullness, and Master’s Thesis Exhibition,” Jim created his own space transforming Gallery 3 into his home. He moved all his worldly possessions into the gallery and lived there for one week, eating, creating art, sleeping, entertaining visitors. One had to knock on the door to enter his “home.” For his Opening Reception, he invited the world to his home and threw one big party.  And the world (at least at the SJSU art department) did come, stayed and enjoyed the space much like a 21st Century dialogic Happening. Usually in a gallery exhibition, people will come through, linger a bit, ponder the work and then leave. But with Jim’s place, visitors stayed, interacted, looked at his books, his art, toys, movies, danced to his music and enjoyed their stay, if only for a few hours, in Jim’s wonderful world.

Jim’s artist statement:

The Architecture of Survival…
…is about hope; it’s about doing what’s necessary to be, nay, to stay, a positive force in the world, to make the world safe for the proliferation of wonder and the realization of dreams, not only my own, but those of others as well. The world can be cold  and indifferent, and dreams, something the world doesn’t so easily support, or even deem worthy of believing in, but what I engage in, artistically, whether the metaphorical representation of inherent duality in Jim the Bunnyman, or transformation of a space to meet a spiritaul/spatial need, as in Descent of the Muse in the Night of Man, or even a messy cathartic experiment such as with A Tribute in Movement to Vangelis, is ultimately created to support a centered spirit, to help maintain emotional and sensory equilibrium; to make certain that I remain a catalyst for the make real of DREAMS…

Still from a Pre-ATC Introduction to my process of processing, (2009), installation

The Continued (Mis)Adventures of Jim the Bunnyman (2008)

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