The Darkroom Gallery (VT), International Call for Photography Submissions: The Portrait


The Darkroom Gallery (VT), International Call for Photography Submissions: The Portrait

Deadline: February 27th, 2019, 11:59pm EST

From their call: A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound. 

The above quotation comes not from a photographer, but from 19th century French poet (and art critic) Charles Baudelaire. It’s still an accurate observation, maybe even more incisive  with the many changes in image-making that have taken place since 1859.  In the age of the selfie and ubiquitous photos of people both famous and unknown it’s sometimes hard to imagine a new way of presenting a human likeness, and yet photographers are doing it.  It’s said that the portrait differs from the candid (or street) photo in that the subject of the portrait knows that she or he is being photographed. With only that as a caveat there’s a broad range of interpretations possible.

So, for this exhibition you’re free to interpret the portrait in any way you choose. It can be a self portrait, a formal portrait, a from-the-hip shot of someone whose attention you’ve caught, or even a random body part. Manipulation of the image is permitted as long as the primary subject is from a photographic source in any medium. Thinking, or seeing, outside the box is very much encouraged, although skilled classic portraits ala Avedon or Karsh would be quite welcome. Simple or complex, obvious or profound; all are appropriate.

Juror:  Amy Holmes George, who lives near Dallas, Texas, is a fine art photographer and the past Executive Director of Texas Photographic Society (2013-2018). As a former tenured professor of photography and digital media at Stephen F. Austin State University, Amy has also held teaching appointments at Collin College, Baylor University and University of North Texas. Amy is a recent member of the National Board of Directors of the Society for Photographic Education (2013-2017) and a 2008 Fulbright grant recipient. She earned an MFA in photography from Clemson University and a BFA cum laude in photography and graphic design from Miami University.

Entry fee.

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The Darkroom Gallery: Exhibiting Juried Contemporary Photography in an Authentic Gallery Setting, 12 Main Street, Essex Junction, Vermont

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