The Long and Winding Road….

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Dear Bay Area Art Grind Readers, Subscribers and Friends,

The month of October marks 6 years since the Bay Area Art Grind, originally named the SJSU Art Blog, started posting calls for artists, by artists. Our “big idea” was started by a small group of San Jose State University MFA graduate student friends to post calls for emerging artists and announcements of graduate student exhibitions. As time went on, we started to post calls and events beyond the SJSU art environment. Post graduate school, our core group also includes alumni from SFSU and most of the staff eventually moved away from the SF Bay Area, although still contribute. Currently, this site has posted over 6,000 posts and pages of calls for artists, listings of SF Bay Area events, and opportunities for artists far and wide. There was never a day missed without at least one post or call.

The calls are screened, you might even say curated, to meet a certain criteria by asking ourselves several key questions. Is this an opportunity which we wouldn’t mind seeing on our own artists resume? Is the juror someone we would want becoming familiar with our art? Is this a place we would like to see our art exhibited at?  We earnestly tried to avoid the following:  Places that seemed like art call mills (calls for artists with entry fees is the bulk of their total exhibitions), online-only exhibition calls, sites where their links did not work when investigated, calls with exorbitant entry fees, and places with staff or subscriber related past bad experiences (ie: damaged returned art, gallery always closed, hidden fees, etc). We’ve kept the emerging artist in mind because, well, that’s pretty much what we are.

With that being said, this type of research for calls with our standards takes a lot of time. This is time away from making art, writing, applying for grants, and doing research for our own art work. So, the Bay Area Art Grind will be slowing down in posts in the coming weeks and then new posts will cease by the end of October, 2014. All posts will be available for search until December 31st, 2014. We will keep our Twitter feed for links to interesting calls we see, intriguing art news and exhibitions/events of interest. We will also keep our Flickr site with photos from some of our staff seeing art out and about in our travels.

Thank you to our devoted subscribers and followers who advised, gave suggestions, sent us love and support, and helped us grow over the years.

Keep making art!

~Barbara Horiuchi, Bay Area Art Grind Editor & Founder

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One Response to The Long and Winding Road….

  1. Michelle Boire says:

    Hi Barbara! I am so sorry to hear this! I have passed your blog onto many friends and colleagues! Even my high school students use it to research art opportunities. Best of luck with all of your art making!