The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation (NY), Open Call for International/National Artists: International Residency Program

The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation (NY), Open Call for International/National Artists: International Residency Program

Deadline: October 15th, 2018, 11:59pm EST

From their call: NARS Foundation hosts international and US-based artists for 3 or 6-month residencies, offering 24/7 access to furnished, private or shared studio spaces (250 – 300 sq ft) in our diverse artist community in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. As a studio based residency, the focus is on the artistic process and the experimentation that results from working alongside other artists, within New York’s cultural and sociopolitical context.

Artists receive curatorial and project support, weekly studio visits, networking opportunities, and participate in a program designed to foster artistic experimentation and exchange among peers. In addition, artists have opportunities to present their work through public programming, exhibitions, and bi-annual Open Studios.

Artists meet with 4-6 Studio Visitors each month, gaining invaluable feedback and expanding their network of artists and professionals in NY and internationally. Residents are provided with administrative, curatorial, and professional support to explore and expand the scope of their artistic practice through research, dialogue, and production of new projects. Public presentation opportunities include a curated exhibition in the NARS gallery, bi-annual Open Studios, and the Entree/Encore program, through which artists can introduce and share research and work through artist talks, discussions, screenings, workshops, and performances.

Residency artists benefit from a community driven program and ongoing dialogue with fellow residency artists through weekly informal gatherings, inter-studio visits and activities, as well as monthly field trips and meals together. Residents also have the advantage of working alongside emerging and established NYC based artists in our studio facilities, who retain space year round. The program and facilities are designed to form a community, foster the expansion, and exchange of artistic and cultural practices, and provide artists with exposure to New York and its art scene.

Please note: The studio is a work space only – housing is NOT provided.

Eligibility: The program is open to all international and national visual artists with an active professional practice of at least three years in the US. All information submitted on the application form, C.V. and support materials must be in English.

Fellowship for US Based Applicants: NARS subsidizes the cost of the three-month residency for all US-based applicants through Partial or Full Fellowships. All applicants will be considered for the full fellowship, based on funding and availability. Partial fellowships ($4500) subsidize the cost of the three-month residency ($6000). Partial Fellowship recipients are responsible for a program fee of $1,500 which can be paid in monthly installments. The studio is a workspace only. Artists who need additional funding and support for partial fellowships, travel, materials, and accommodations should apply to other sources.

Program Fees for International Artists: The three-month residency costs $6,000, and the six-month residency costs $10,000. The studio is a work space only – housing is NOT provided. Artists who need additional funding and support for program fee, travel, materials, visa, and accommodations should apply to other funding sources. If selected to be part of the program, the international applicant has the option to defer the start of his/her residency for up to six seasons (one and a half years). Please note that only U.S.-based artists are eligible for the Full and Partial Residency Fellowships at this time. A list of organizations that have funded international residencies can be found here.

Program Dates:  International applicants may choose to stay between three-month and six-month terms that start in January, April, July, and October of each year. US based artists are limited to a three-month residency term with no option to extend or defer.

Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $35 (US) is required with each application.

Website link with more information for International and US artists, FAQs, and fellowship information:

Link to apply:

About: The mission of the NARS Foundation is to provide a diverse platform for cultural exchange and collaboration among artists and curators. NARS provides an array of creative support services including cross-cultural exchanges, integrated residency programs and affordable studio spaces that connect with the needs of both emerging and mid-career artists. With a focus on international cultural exchange, the NARS Foundation is committed to supporting the creative professional development of artists and curators from around the world as well as community building through public programs that engage the local community in Brooklyn, New York.

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