Wesleyan College (GA), Call for Ceramic or 3D Artists: Residency with stipend

Wesleyan College (GA), Call for Ceramic or 3D Artists: Residency with stipend

Deadline: July 19th, 2017

The Art Department at Wesleyan College, in Macon, Georgia, is seeking a ceramic or 3-D based artist for a 1-3 month residency between August and December 2017. The residency is open to emerging and established artists and intended for an artist to pursue or create a body of work or special project.

The Artist is expected to work within our campus in the spirit of building community. This includes student interaction, visibility as a studio artist mentor, attending our Art Department events, participating in student critiques, giving a public lecture, and exhibiting the completed body of work in one of our campus venues. Developing and implementing workshops may also be a part of the residency.

The Artist can expect to have a set-aside studio space within our spacious studio facilities; however, the studio space will be open to promote student interaction.

Wesleyan College offers:
•       Furnished housing on campus during the duration of the residency for 1-2 adults
•       Studio space with campus Internet access
•       A $500 monthly stipend
•       A campus meal plan providing 3 meals a day for the resident artist
•       Access to the Matthews Athletic center and indoor pool
•       Access to the school library
•       Access to the 100 acre campus arboretum

Facilities: (3-D AREA) one electric kiln (12 cubic feet), one Bailey Gas car kiln (32 cubic feet), one large gas car kiln (93 cubic feet), dry materials lab, pugmill, 1 electric wheel, 10 kick wheels, 2 large slab rollers, Northstar extruder, mig and stick welder, wood and metal chop saw, table saw, band saw, small 3-D printer (in Library), and small metals vacuum casting equipment with burnout furnace.

How to apply: Interested artists should submit a brief proposal outlining their project and proposed dates. The proposal should reflect an awareness of our expectations that the artist will work independently, while interacting with our faculty and students to enhance our learning environment.  The proposal should also represent the practicality of the artist’s project (concept, media and technique) as it relates to our available facilities and equipment. Submit this proposal along with:

•       10 images (5MB max each) with image list
•       Current resume
•       3 Professional references with email and phone number
•       Unofficial Transcript

Email applications by June 19th to agregg@wesleyancollege.edu.

Applicants will be notified by July 1st, 2017


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